Friday, October 17, 2014

Perfect throws

Everybody talks about perfect throws.

A perfect throw is (in no particular order):

The longer the path in the correct direction with the strongest muscles, the more precise you can control the direction and the speed.

Allows for errors and variations
The further away the props are from each other, the less likely it is that they are going to collide. The larger your reach from your position, the more likely that you can make the catch.

Juggling is more pleasant to watch when it is pretty.

When it takes less power it can last longer.

The shorter the time needed between catch and the throw, the more time you have left for other things.

Don’t do the things you don’t need to do, relax where you can.

The quicker you learn this technique, the faster you can move on.

Don’t ruin your body or your props. Make correct use of tendons, joints and muscles.

Analyze your body and your throw with the points above, and you can find your perfect throw for each and every trick. Everyone focuses on different aspects, therefore there is no such thing as ‘the’ perfect throw.

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